Garden Design Services

Our award winning garden designers haveĀ an eye for detail and creativity, they will take your initial garden vision and create a bespoke design that utilises your garden space to it’s utmost potential. Initially, we will visit the proposed site and discuss your requirements, how to maximise your budget and the approximate time scales from start to finish. We will discuss the range of garden design plans that we offer, see links below for detailed information on our individual garden design services; The services required will depend on the size of your project and design specifics. We will then provide you with a Design Fee and Preliminary Design Brief to consider. Once commissioned, the design process begins. Larger sites may require a full topographical survey at this point for which we can make a recommendation. On smaller sites, we will survey the garden ourselves. Upon completion of the design, we will then visit the site again to present this first draft concept. Using a series of mood board style photos and a bespoke design, we will help you envisage the final result. We will also provide a pre-quotation summary of landscape build costs and offer a provisional start date.

2D Handdrawn Contemporary Meets Traditional Garden Design Sean Butler
2D Garden Design
Drawn to scale our 2D Garden Designs will show a concept layout plan of the hard and soft landscaping aspects. A mood board of images will provide examples of products and materials to help you envisage the final garden
3D Visual Garden Design Sam Moore Upper Patio View Brentwood Essex
3D Garden Design and Visualisation
Our 3D Garden Designs and Visuals allow for further insight into specific areas of the garden design. Using the latest Design Software to provide realistic graphics of what your garden will look like when landscaped
2D Planting Soft Landscaping Plan Garden Design Runwell Essex
Soft Landscaping Design
Soft Landscaping Designs are drawn to scale to provide a concise plan of the position, latin variety and quantity of planting to be provided. Images of the planting palette are also shown for greater understanding of the scheme
2D Lighting Plan Garden Design and Landscaping Runwell Essex
Garden Lighting Plans
Drawn to scale, our Garden Lighting Plans provide an accurate plan of the position, category and quantity of lights to be provided. Allowing for preliminary electrical cabling and core drilling planning
Irrigation Plan Cube Garden Design and Landscaping Essex
Garden Irrigation Plans
Garden Irrigation Plans will provide a to scale plan of the types and locations of the sprinkler heads to be installed
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