Traditional Garden, Bradfield Essex

We designed and landscaped this clients garden in Writtle over 20 years ago and she returned to us when moving to this new build in Bradfield. With a passion for gardening, our clients brief was to have no lawn and lots of planting, with a few specific favourites.
Designed in the shape of an unfurling fern frond, the garden was set out as a place to take a journey and discover, with spaces to sit and enjoy the garden from many different angles. Trees were used to add height and privacy. Climbers were provided to soften all the fences. Gabion cages were filled with recycled and reclaimed clay tiles, bricks and clay land drain pipes. These were to act as benches and insect hotels to pollinate the profuse array of perennials in the garden.
The garden is a complete journey of discovery through continuous curving pathways.
The paths were created from bespoke handmade bricks and bark mulch paths.
The front garden was designed with a similar theme. Bespoke steel obelisks added height and structure. The parking space was extended for guests and a beech hedge created an informal barrier, framing the planting scheme.