'Go Italian' Contemporary Garden

Our clients wanted to maintain as much privacy in the garden as possible, at the same time making it more spacious.

We re-engineered the staircase going to the upstairs office above the garage so that it was set at the end of the garden. Then we painted it black so that it disappeared into the background. This then opened up the area to incorporate a curved wall built to a height to benefit as a seat when entertaining.

Two large Cupressuss were used to soften the high garage wall. The client wanted a Mediterranean ambience, so we planted Cordylines, Arbutus (strawberry tree) and Arum Lillies.

A cleverly designed solution to give privacy from the main road were three bespoke wooden panels set at angles at key points 5 m apart. This then made the garden completely private as they over lapped each other when looked at from the road. As the driveway was set right into the garden this was made to feel like an extended courtyard by incorporating the Italian outdoor tiles throughout the whole garden and into the driveway.

A small bistro area directly outside the patio doors maximises useable space on a different level and catches the sun early in the morning.

The red garage door was also painted Black so that it was not the dominant feature as you entered the garden. Finally Trachylospermum specimen, climbing plants brought in from Italy were used to soften the neighbouring fence.