Contemporary City Chic

It's amazing how small gardens can look so great when well designed. We built this garden for Ana Sanchez owner of Germinate.

Starting at the house with the Balau hardwood deck, this was fixed using an invisible fixing method, creating a comfortable extension to the home with sofas for lounging. The detail is in the design here, with matching grey fabric sofas to blend with the grey painted bespoke slatted trellis, unifying this space. A very inviting area to sit and relax with a glass of wine after a hard days work!

Leading down to the small lawn area, height has been added with an old stock brick built wall, which we then fixed a diagonal lattice of stainless steel wire rope to train. Trachylospermum Jasminoides over. A buttress of mature ready grown clipped Taxus has been used to create a backdrop to the soft palate of planting. Purples and blues are used as an accent colour in this area, which compliments the greys on the upper deck area.